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The Santa Gertrudis breed of cattle was developed on the King Ranch in Texas in the 1910s to 1920s through the systematic crossing of Brahman and Shorthorn cattle. The foundation sire of the breed, Monkey, was born in 1920 and represented an optimum blend of 5/8 Shorthorn and 3/8 Brahman. The breed was developed to thrive and be profitable in the harsh South Texas environment and to be highly adaptable. The breed was recognized as a distinct beef breed by the USDA in 1940, In 1951, Santa Gertrudis Breeders International (SGBI) was formed. The Santa Gertrudis breed can now be found all over the United States and in foreign countries from Australia and Argentina to Canada. 

Registered Santa Gertrudis are subject to meeting SGBI's Standard of Excellence. SGBI's membership application can be found here

The Santa Gertrudis breed has been active in the Carolinas since the mid-1950s, but continuously organized through the Breeders of the Carolinas since 1973. The local affiliate has consistently hosted a sale for the past 43 years and will host its 50th sale in 2023. 

To join the Santa Gertrudis Breeders of the Carolinas, fill out this membership form

Board Members
2025 Terms

Dennis Lee, Rocking L Farms

Nathan Barlowe, Bar M Farms

Jody Standley, 5J's Cattle Company (Vice President)

2023 Terms

Tony Creech, Creech Farms (Sec./Treasurer)

Lane Livengood, Sundance Farm

Carlyle Sherrill, J.C. Sherrill, Jr. Ranch

2024 Terms

Joe Graham, Twins Cattle 

Thomas Cameron, Tri-C

Josh Bowman, Rockin B (President)

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